Craig Duxbury

Craig Duxbury

Global Client Services Director

Having first joined Stein IAS (then known as IAS b2b Marketing) straight from university back in 1998, Craig has truly established himself as a lifelong player within the agency and a key figure in its successes over the past 13 years. Craig lives and breathes the agency’s strong and rewarding cultural values and is often the instigator of the Christmas party ‘Jagerbomb’ marathon.

Over what has been an extensive and significant career at the agency, Craig has forged a reputation for leading key interlocking strategies and implementation plans that include Creative, Business Strategy, Brand Strategy and Contact strategy (to name a few).

Craig’s experience with key marketing communication campaigns for the likes of Siemens, Atos and TalkTalk Business, have affirmed his desire to implement the latest and most award-winning B2B strategies with proven ROI.  Boasting a wealth of knowledge from across a range of B2B sectors that include Construction, Engineering, and Technology, Craig is responsible for building and sustaining client relationships.

And if all this wasn’t enough, Craig is also an experienced keynote speaker having presented at recognized Construction events including the Timber Frame Association and the Voltimum Networking Conference.

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