Rebecca Falk

Rebecca Falk

Global Account Director – Eloqua Specialist

Rebecca overseas the strategic account and campaign direction of one of the agencies global technology clients. It was under Rebecca’s strategic leadership, creativity and passion for ground breaking B2B marketing that led us into being awarded with one of the most prestigious B2B marketing awards during 2015.

Rebecca has a strong background in global account direction for a multitude of organizations within the technology sector across the Americas, EMEA & Asia Pacific. She has a unique positioning with a strategic and technical skillset of Oracle’s marketing automation platform, Eloqua.  Combining the above talent and having had the privilege to work both agency and client side in her past, she is invaluable in bringing that multi-dimensional perspective to the table. 

A true global player, Rebecca is an avid traveller in her spare time and loves anything that takes her out of her comfort zone such a cycling down the world’s most dangerous road in Bolivia, skydiving in Argentina and white river rafting in the Himalayas. Outside of this you will likely find Rebecca either singing or making a difference in the world through elaborate and fun charity raising events.

Rebecca holds our most important goal to be the world’s most important marketing agency close to her heart and embodies our core values of being Industrious, Relentlessly Curious, Courageous, having Generosity of Spirit and FUN!