Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown

Strategic Planner (EMEA)

Gordon leads the strategic planning in EMEA, supporting strategy projects around the globe.

Gordon joined Stein IAS back in 2012 following the agency’s addition of Brain Juice, a creative training program designed to aid and improve creative thought and action within business, and help individuals, groups and businesses find fresher, smarter approaches to doing business.

Developed and run by Gordon, Brain Juice is integrated into the agency’s strategic planning process, Mi 3. This serves to aid internal brand activation, kitting individuals with the tools to help promote a brand within an organization.

Gordon’s time at the vanguard of strategic planning stretches back 25 years, during which time he has ran strategic planning workshops for multiple blue chip companies across sectors including professional services, engineering and IT to name a few.

Gordon has also held positions as a Brand Director in the booze industry, a Marketing Director for a TV station and a Sales and Marketing Director for a high tech floatation on the London Stock Exchange. In addition, he’s also a Chartered Marketer and has both a Diploma in Management Studies (DMS) and Master of Business Association (MBA).

Gordon is also an author of primarily crime fiction (fourth book out in 2014), a local community radio DJ and a founding member of Bloody Scotland - Scotland’s First international Crime Writing festival.