Reuben Webb

Reuben Webb

Chief Creative & Values Officer

Reuben has been waging heavy peace, as well as war, on B2B’s creative standards for over 12 years. Fed up with people assuming that B2B creative has to be dull and ordinary, Reuben decided to get even with 101 Clichés – a widely acclaimed book and website which highlight the most serially offensive ideas in a bid to eliminate creative faux pas forever!

Having forged a momentous reputation for continually pushing the boundaries of uncompromising originality and creativity, Reuben has taken great strides towards dispelling the myth that B2B creativity is dull and ordinary.

He is at the forefront of all things creative and his part in Stein IAS’ crusade to make B2B marketing creative, sexy and fun has been nothing short of relentless. In fact, he teamed up with the world renowned ‘Dummies’ brand to help mastermind the creation of ‘B2B Marketing for Dummies’ – a reference guide on how to make the most of marketing for B2B brands.  

And it doesn’t stop there. He demands to be involved in the front-end stages of brand and proposition development to inspire visual and verbal expressions that transcend the usual clichés. There are few industries that haven’t already benefited from his unrivalled experience at both a strategic and tactical level.

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