Account Executive

As a global Account Executive at Stein IAS you will be operating at the heart of the world’s most ambitious B2B Agency. Your performance will be measured on living the Agency values and your contribution to the growing profitability of your client account group. This role is for a highly driven individual with challenging personal aspirations to become a strategic marketer, business savvy leader and strong people manager. You will have daily contact with Agency specialists and clients in both formal and informal capacities and will be adept at communicating across all levels. 



  • Demonstrate strong organizational and communication skills
  • Maintain strong client relationships at an operational level
  • Have confidence with the strategic Mi3 context behind each client project
  • Effective implementation of the client programs you’re handling
  • Ability to judge and prioritize across multiple client workloads
  • Liaise with and integrate all relevant Agency specialists across multiple offices
  • Ability to handle required revenue volumes
  • Accurate and timely commercial management


  • Supporting the Account Group to exceed £1m/$1.5/€1.3m annualized client revenue
  • Produce accurate line by line budgets
  • Confident handling of the Agency’s global rate card and charging structure
  • Liaise with production and Mi3 specialists to delivery accurate budgets and quotes
  • Master the Job Booking part of the commercial process
  • Support in the build and ongoing management of accurate billing / revenue plans
  • Active participation in weekly productivity meetings and associated reporting
  • Demonstrate strong time, cost and change management skills when doing the work
  • Support account management during each billing cycle
  • Support account management during the revenue recognition period
  • Manage accurate client budget sheets


  • Demonstrate professional management of multiple client accounts and the Agency resource across multiple offices
  • Excellent attention to detail when it comes to the quality control of the Agency’s processes and outputs
  • Take personal pride in the time and cost management of project delivery
  • Strong communication skills, both internally and externally


  • Win the hearts and minds of your clients
  • Ability to hold good relationships across multiple levels of the client’s sales and marketing structure
  • Demonstrate versatility in client management approaches based on individual client personalities
  • Show good strength of character and prioritize difficult situations first    


  • Competent handling of Mi3 processes and tools
  • Conduct Mi Insights involvement interviews when required
  • Support with the preparation, facilitation and reporting of client workshops
  • Demonstrate strong brief writing and team briefing skills
  • Take accountability for the successful delivery of every project/campaign    
  • Have the courage to express strategic viewpoints throughout project delivery  


  • Be a valued member of new business pitch teams, as the pitch organizer


  • Fluent in English & Chinese (Speaking & written) 

Location Shanghai
Date Posted 26 January 2016 12:00 AM
Closing Date 30 April 2017 12:00 AM

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