The Future of Marketing

Get to grips with the always-evolving agency role in marketing’s 'Post-Modern' age.


Event Overview

The Always-Evolving Agency Role In Marketing’s 'Post-Modern' Age

Post-Modern Marketing is a view of our industry’s fast-approaching future that is as scary as it is exciting. It is driven by the breathtakingly fast advancement of digital technology and its mind-boggling ramifications. But it is driven equally by a kind of high-tech/high-touch reaction and re-set – a necessary reclamation of marketing’s roots which lie at the core of human emotion. Marketing’s transformation from pre-modern to modern to post-modern, from interrupt-driven advertising and mass media to the emotional, psychological, technological and scientific truths at the center of all future customer interaction, has everything to do with the evolution and transformation of agency services from near-term to long.

At The Drum's Future of Marketing event, Stein IAS Chairman and CEO Tom Stein and Interactions Director Dan Sheridan, will share their views on the shape of things to come. This will include:

  • The rapidly evolving technologies that brought us “modern” marketing – digital detection of audience members’ “information exhaust,” the big data analytics to interpret it and the programmatic systems that automate marketing activities based on it
  • The artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies being layering atop that modern marketing technology stack to enable highly personal, individualized and intelligent conversations between brands and each audience member, automated and at scale
  • The dramatic impact these technologies have in terms of raising the bar on brand and customer experience, enabling brand drivers and business objectives to be automatically embedded into all forms of brand-customer interactions and leading to the emergence of omni-experiential brands-as-platforms
  • The pressing need to harken back to marketing’s “pre-modern” era – to find and leverage brands’ emotional truths and embed them into the human and artificial intelligence that will enable the brand-as-platform


Event Details

START DATE 11 May 2017 08:30 AM
END DATE 11 May 2017 06:00 PM
LOCATION America Square Conference Centre, London