Inception of Stein IAS heralds a new ‘Big Bang’ in B2B marketing

Inception of Stein IAS heralds a new ‘Big Bang’ in B2B marketing.

29 May 2013

Two of the world’s most important B2B agencies, Stein + Partners Brand Activation and IAS b2b Marketing, have unveiled a new, global brand identity at the world’s largest B2B marketing event.

Stein IAS – the name for new worldwide agency brand – officially launched at the Business Marketing Association’s (BMA) International Conference in Chicago (May 29-31, 2013) where its creative directors, Reuben Webb and Michael Ruby, will be delivering a highly-anticipated presentation (31st May).

To coincide with the inception of the new agency, Stein IAS has devised a creative proposition, ‘Most Importantly’, which is representative of its global ambitions. Tom Stein, CEO of Stein IAS (Americas), explains:

“Our brand essence is about helping our clients become the most important brands in their markets. If we’re successful in that objective, then we’ll be well on our way to proving that we’re the world’s most important B2B marketing agency. The twinning of these interlinked strategies makes Stein IAS a compelling proposition.

“The ‘Most Importantly’ positioning statement perfectly encapsulates the way we get directly to the heart of our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities, and ensure that their resources and our talents are deployed in the most effective way.

“That’s precisely what Stein IAS delivers through deep, global expertise and a process we call Mi 3 (pronounced “My Three”), which enables brands to leverage the most important insights, interactions and creative inventions.”

Rob Morrice, CEO of Stein IAS (EMEA & Asia), says: “Mi 3 is the world’s most advanced technology-enabled, B2B marketing process. Most importantly, we politely challenge any client or agency to prove us otherwise.”

The new Stein IAS identity, which will be carried across multiple platforms including print, digital, mobile and social media, incorporates a three-dimensional brand design system using celestial shapes, light and shadow. Michael Ruby, Creative Director (Americas) of Stein IAS, says:

“We needed a brand identity that captured the energy and the importance of our purpose. Our new logo has a feeling of cosmic importance – a Big Bang event representing the joining of Stein + Partners Brand Activation and IAS b2b Marketing to create a new and greater global entity.

“The bright, dynamic colors bring life and energy to the brand – and powerfully differentiate us from traditional B2B agencies. Our logo says that we are and place our clients at the vanguard of global B2B.”

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