Our Most Awarded Account Director

Organization, leadership, technical knowledge, and ability to engender confidence in clients, our most awarded account director has it all.

29 January 2015

To win new business, it’s important for us get in front of people to tell them about our offering. So to make sure we continually make the pitch list, we are constantly renewing our fame. We do this by winning awards, over a hundred in the last year alone, including the US Business Marketing Association’s Agency of the Year and the Sunday Times Best 100 Companies to Work For.

This is a cornerstone of our marketing, accounting for around a fifth of our marketing budget, and we know it works because our clients tell us so. It also creates a tremendous positivity in our workplace as we take it in turns to go out for the evening and have trophies presented to us, and see these same trophies cluttering every horizontal surface in the office.

And if there’s one person who understands the importance of this tactic, it is Charlotte Forshaw, our most awarded account director, with 54 awards and counting. These awards are testament to her ability to guide clients to success and oversee marketing campaigns that continually deliver ROI.

Charlotte’s exceptional ability to deliver award-winning campaigns works in two ways for her. It helps her build trust amongst clients. This, in turn, means she is entrusted with handling some of our biggest accounts, including Merck Animal Health, Cushman & Wakefield and Ingredion.

Charlotte’s dedication to her role and thorough understanding of marketing is what wins her awards. And so long as this continues, we have no doubt her awards tally will continue to grow too.

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