First global, B2B digital marketing maturity index

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15 October 2014

First global, B2B benchmarking study focusing on digital demand generation

Global B2B agency Stein IAS, together with Oracle Marketing Cloud, has launched the Digital Marketing Maturity Index (DMMI), a worldwide study designed to assess the digital marketing maturity of the business marketing community.

Announced today at Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience in London, the Digital Marketing Maturity Index (DMMI) will enable B2B enterprise marketers to evaluate the sophistication of their digital demand generation activity against an international benchmark.

The first wave of the study was fielded in early October with subsequent waves being launched in conjunction with Oracle’s event series – Modern Marketing Experience. The global results are due to be released later this year.

By completing the DMMI study, participants will receive a copy of the Digital Marketing Maturity eBook detailing the findings. They will also receive a personalized infographic with their own maturity rating compared to the survey benchmark.

Tom Stein, CEO of Stein IAS (Americas), commented: “The digital era has disrupted marketing right down to its very roots. B2B marketing campaigns are now only as effective as the technology that powers them. This has seen the development of the ecosystem of digital marketing technologies reach an unprecedented pace. In response to this changing digital landscape and the way in which buyers go about their decision-making journeys, campaign automation tools, CRM platforms, social media applications and content management platforms are becoming table stakes for modern marketers.”  

“With the majority of the decision-making now completed online, prior to sales engagement, there’s an opportunity for B2B brands to build demand generation engines that are highly targeted, efficient and accountable. With this in mind, we believe it’s time for a Digital Marketing Maturity Index that benchmarks the industry, enabling B2B brands to map their digital proficiency an evolution to their competitors and peers.”

Senior marketers are invited to complete the Digital Marketing Maturity Index survey at, where they will be entered into a free prize draw to win a Google Glass and receive a free copy of the Digital Marketing Maturity eBook. 

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