Has your brand grown to love or reject customer intimacy?

Is your brand growing up fast, or struggling with digital immaturity? New global research reveals all.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Firefighter? Astronaut? Nurse? Teacher?

For what it’s worth I dreamt of one day owning a vintage Porsche (still do). A silver Speedster with red leather interior to be precise. Like the ones driven by Hollywood stars of the James Dean era. Only I didn’t concern myself with the small matter of forging a career to pay for it. That’s childhood naiveté for you, I suppose.

Our grown up selves are more sensible, of course. The simple practicalities of life have a way of holding such lofty aspirations at bay. Maturity is the order of the day and we place greater value on attributes like realism, judgement, experience and pragmatism. After all, these are the things that make businesses and business people tick.

Insular or worldly wise?

So, why am I banging on about maturity you may be asking? Well, it appears that it’s not just me with a Peter Pan Complex to shed. According to a new study, the vast majority of brands in every corner of the globe do too.

Inside the report, a revealing picture emerges of a modern enterprise that remains digitally awkward. One that is struggling to come to grips with true customer intimacy. More of a temperamental teenager, than an attentive adult you may say.

How else do we explain that only six per cent of firms can be classified as digitally mature? How else do we account for just one in ten being able to conduct timeline-based marketing? How is it that more than two thirds of brands make no attempt to perform lead scoring? This is digital immaturity on a global scale. But, fear not, help is on its way.

Funnelling your experience

Data gathered from the same survey of 300 CMOs in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and the Americas has now been plugged into a new web tool called, The Digital Marketing Maturity Index. It tracks the sophistication of every brand’s approach to customer experience. And the neat trick is that you can now compare your organisation against the global benchmark. After all, how else would you know if your brand has a little more growing up to do?

For senior marketers and brand leaders it’s the ideal springboard from which to perfect the art and science of full-funnel lead nurturing and conversion. It’s a great platform from which to build out a more coherent customer acquisition strategy. It’s a sure-fire way to identify the right combination of skills, processes and cloud-based tools at your disposal. Most importantly, it’s a great way to evolve into a modern marketing technologist.

You aspired to be one of those when you grew up, right?  

Paul Myerscough


Paul Myerscough

Director of Content (EMEA)

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