Understanding the world of digital B2B marketing

Revealling insights into how digital B2B marketing is developing globally

The Digital Marketing Maturity Index (DMMI) is our analysis of the international B2B community’s uptake of marketing technology. Its findings have revealed telling insights into how digital B2B marketing is developing across the world. For example, only 6% of businesses are “Digital masters”, taking every opportunity to put the customer and their online behavior at the center of all marketing activity.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this is the variation in performance across different regions. The first DMMI Report, based on over 300 responses to our global survey of CMOs, was released at the World B2B Congress in Shanghai. Pleasingly for all concerned, the report showed that while the Americas is still the most advanced region overall, APAC is ahead in some individual disciplines like customer data & profiling.

Stein IAS Global Account Group Director Charlotte Forshaw, one of the architects of the DMMI, explains: “Although still a maturing market, China naturally looks to technology first to solve problems, and is actually adopting faster than anywhere else on the planet. APAC has already overtaken Europe and I have no doubt that this region will lead the way in years to come.”

Next stop on the DMMI roadshow was the BMA Conference in Chicago. Here, delegates were blown away by the presentation and over 100 of them completed the DMMI survey on stand, adding to the ever-expanding sample of results, and comparing their individual scores to the benchmarks in the report.

The US is ahead in most disciplines but Charlotte, as ever, looks a little deeper into the underlying trends: “American marketers have grown comfortable with their digital marketing and are perhaps a little less inclined toward change than their APAC counterparts. This is demonstrated by the fact that the US is not as far ahead in emerging disciplines like web optimization and content strategies.”

Reflecting further on the results of the DMMI report Charlotte says: “The findings are extremely useful in helping the global B2B community improve. The whole industry is yet to get to grips with the lead nurturing potential of automated, cloud-based technology for example.”

To see the whole picture for yourself, you can read the DMMI report here. And to see how you compare to the global benchmarks in the report, complete the DMMI survey now.


Charlotte Forshaw


Charlotte Forshaw

Global Account Director

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