The important question:
Amundi, a leader in Asset Management, had developed a new money market fund targeting the European corporate treasury. They needed to raise awareness of this new fund and capture qualified leads to build a European database of prospects and clients. How could Stein IAS launch the new Fund and differentiate it in an ultra competitive market?

The important insights:
Through in-depth research, Stein IAS identified that the role of corporate treasurer (the target audience) was a highly demanding occupation taken up with meeting after meeting. This meant Amundi would need to get their messages across quickly. The benefits of the fund were clear, but we needed to break these down so corporate treasurers could easily explore the content most important to them. 

The important solution:
Stein IAS developed the Money Market Minute campaign to deliver the benefits of the new fund in a fast, concise way. Nine one-minute videos enabled treasurers to find out about the fund by choosing topics that are of the most interest to them. This included cost, safety and operational efficiency. Stein IAS set up a database of 6,494 contacts and an integrated online and print campaign ensured that the Money Market Minutes would reach the busy, time-conscious target audience.

Most importantly, the results:
The Amundi Money Market Minute campaign generated email click through rates totalling 12%. As soon as the campaign started Amundi Asset Management began signing their first contracts and year one has been extremely fruitful for generating new investor clients. 

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