The important question:
TheLadders asked Stein IAS how to activate them to be the go-to talent recruiting solution, combining powerful, enterprise-level resources with the world's largest database of professional-level ($100K+) job seekers.

The important insights:
TheLadders’ unique ability to help corporate and third-party recruiters do what is absolutely of greatest importance to them – finding the best professional “fits,” fast, for the business-critical positions that fuel their organization’s competitive advantage – was highly leverageable and uniquely ownable for the brand.

The important solution:
With powerful imagery and sharp, clever messaging, the campaign brought this unique value proposition to life, highlighting the talent found exclusively through TheLadders. We achieved this by creating “characters” who embody the ideal $100K+ professional candidates recruiters have in mind when they start a search.

Most importantly, the results:
Significantly exceeded brand awareness goals, achieving an unaided awareness increase of 2 times (3 months ahead of schedule). Campaign response rates far above industry average (250% above). Exceeded an aggressive proforma conversion goal by 12%. Most importantly, TheLadders increased its enterprise revenue 67% for the year. Mission accomplished with “Position Accomplished.”

Case Study PDF (926KB)