Towers Watson

The important question:
With global leaders Towers Perrin and Watson Wyatt merging, how could Stein IAS globally create rapid C-suite awareness of this new major brand and drive customer acquisition, as well as provide reassurance to existing customers?

The important insights:
By bringing together more than 15,000 experts across the globe, the merged organization offered a unique global/local perspective. It was the people of the new Towers Watson that came together to provide customers the clarity to solve critical challenges and achieve real-world results. So, our solution was to focus on this powerful differentiator: Towers Watson’s people.

The important solution:
The new Towers Watson branding included a very personal “TW.” The mark is intended to convey that Towers Watson’s strength is driven by the expertise provided by the combined organizations’ people. Our campaign approach that took the “script TW” and made it an icon representative of the people and expertise of Towers Watson.

Most importantly, the results:
At the conclusion of the campaign, Stein IAS had exceeded expectations across all defined key metrics. More than 42 million impressions generated between print and online efforts. Over 1.1 million visits to the new Click-through rates on general business sites are, in some cases, more than 5 times the industry benchmark.

Case Study PDF (646KB)