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Behind the Curtain

At the core of Stein IAS is a set of ingrained values and a long history we’re proud of. The people, culture and operational excellence are major factors in us being agency of record for a number of global brands.

Why Stein IAS?

In 1973, IAS (Industrial Art Services) introduced B2B specialist marketing to Britain. In 1986, Tom Stein launched an integrated marketing/advertising agency that would become Stein + Partners Brand Activation, one of the highest achieving B2B agencies in the U.S.. In 2013, we joined forces to focus on and fight for what’s most important to global B2B brands.

So depending on how you look at it, as an agency we’re in our 40s, in our 30s or we’re not even ten. But no matter how you add it up, the sum of what sets Stein IAS apart is found in the deep thinking, specialized expertise, proven processes and advanced technology we use to place our clients at the forefront of B2B marketing.

  • Mi 3 Process

    We employ the world’s most advanced, integrated and holistic process for B2B marketing – delivering the most important insights, interactions and creative inventions that activate opportunity.

  • Digital Marketing Mastery

    We are experts in managing the complex technological and organizational requirements of Post-Modern marketing – from integrating and fully leveraging the marketing cloud and predictive/intelligent adtech to providing the deep analytics to optimize performance.

  • Operational Model

    We are structured and truly function as One Agency, delivering the scalability and seamless delivery of service required to accelerate marketing activity and guarantee consistency –  everywhere our clients go to market globally.

  • Values-Driven Culture

    We provide our clients the best talent to meet their needs by continuously growing, fostering and retaining our global team of B2B specialists. And we do this by working with a set of universal values, and by investing in individuals with personalized training and development plans.

  • Transformational Results

    We time and again empower marketing organizations to generate leads, sales and ROI for some of the world’s most important B2B brands. In the process, we maintain our status as one of the world’s most awarded B2B agencies.