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Reuben’s Quest for the Best Ideas

Our clients often ask us, “What’s the best piece of creative work Stein IAS has ever done?” We find it difficult to answer that question on the spot because there are so many great bits of work we’ve done over the years. That is why we’ve made a little series featuring some of the brilliant creative work we’ve done. Hopefully it will help us come to a conclusion, and we can pick our very favorite piece.

Episode 1

Reuben's quest for the best ideas part 1.

Episode 2

Reuben's quest for the best ideas part 2.

Our work

Take a look at the results of our Mi3 process in action.

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Cliche Killers

Everyone hates a cliché. And, when it comes to B2B advertising, the sector is littered with them. Produced with The Drum, our award-winning 12-part short video series examines the biggest clichés in advertising, bringing together an array of leading marketers to tackle some of the worst motifs that the industry is persistently guilty of trotting out.

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