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Lead Front End Web Developer

Have a passion for developing interactive web sites? If so, you’re in luck. We’re looking to grow our front-end team.


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As a Lead Front-End Developer, your core responsibility is for the production, modification and maintenance of websites and web application’s user interfaces. We’re looking for a talented individual to join us with multiple years’ experience writing custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (such as Angular, React or Vue), in addition to expertise in writing semantic, modular front-end code using HTML5, CSS3 and ES6 (a must). You’ll also have an understanding of the W3C/WCAG guidelines, concepts of progressive enhancement, as well as mobile-first and future friendly design.

So what will you be tasked with?

  • Working closely with designers, using semantic mark-up language HTMTL/CSS to turn their static designs into working browser-based web pages
  • Working closely with back-end developers to help with the integration of your code, in order to develop complex, interactive and database driven websites
  • Some of the sites you’ll be working on will be integrated into an open source CMS, so you’ll work closely with the designers and developers to facilitate handover seamlessly into the chosen technology
  • Work closely with the UX and IA team, to ensure their work is carried into the final output and aid with rapid prototyping and creating proof of concepts
  • Develop clean, efficient, maintainable, modular (JavaScript/HTML/CSS) code
  • Contributing to documentation (instructional, pitch and technical specification)
  • Train other non-technical staff - particularly designers, on how they can help with the process
  • Discuss technical solutions with clients and provide innovative new ideas and solutions
  • Maintain a high awareness of industry issues and trends, particularly in regards to accessibility, usability, and emerging technologies
  • Constantly seek to develop yourself by experimenting with new technologies and assess what could be useful for the team
  • Conduct code reviews with fellow team members

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