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Transforming Your Digital Marketing

Stein IAS knows how important it is for marketers to advance their organization’s digital marketing maturity and performance. That’s why we’ve created the Digital Marketing Transformation Framework (DMTF), a strategic planning system designed to help brands quickly and efficiently measure current marketing maturity levels, as well as develop a high-level digital marketing 3-year roadmap.

In addition to pre and post work sessions, the core of the initiative and process is a collaborative workshop facilitated by Stein IAS. This is structured to ensure alignment of digital marketing priorities and optimizations with the overall business and marketing strategy, and utilizes a customer experience framework we call the tenets of post-modern marketing.

Working with your key marketing stakeholders and using your strategic business and marketing objectives as a validation platform, we review a number of use cases that act as a framework for discussion and ideation. Each use case represents a key strategy and/or tactic we believe is critical for realising advanced marketing maturity and transformation realization.

With DMTF, this optimized framework for measurement of current levels of marketing maturity and performance can help achieve a higher level of digital marketing excellence.

The Post-Modernizer App

Post-Modernizer is a Digital Marketing Transformation planning tool designed to help brands simplify and fast track the development of advanced, martech driven digital marketing transformation roadmaps.

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About Marc Keating

Marc is responsible for leading the digital marketing transformation strategies and innovations at Stein IAS, including the development of award-winning marketing campaigns for a number of leading B2B brands. He is the author of Mi Interactions – the bespoke process used to provide clients with an integrated approach to their marketing strategy, and which has helped Stein IAS to become one of the leading B2B digital agencies in the world.

Marc is also Head of Digital Transformation for parent company MSQ Partners, where he helps clients to develop their transformation strategies and roadmaps. In 2017 Marc was named by The Internationalist as one of its 27 agency Innovators and was an Oracle Markie Award Finalist for Modern Marketing Leader of the Year. More recently he was named by the Drum Magazine as a Martech Hero and Marketing Agency Leader of the Year, and awarded Martech Visionary of the Year by B2B Marketing.

   Marc Keating


2018 Drum Business Marketing Awards