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Post-Modern Marketing will bring a much-needed rebalancing of marketing science and human emotion, on the back of new technologies that can help researchers and creatives alike find, touch, and engage human emotions as well as or better than modern marketing technology can count impressions.

Chapter 1

The Pre-Modern Era

To understand the forces that shape our discipline and the re-emergence of emotional engagement that characterizes Post-Modern Marketing, read this unique take on the origins of advertising and its symbiosis with buying behavior.

Chapter 2

Modern Marketing

This second chapter, Modern Marketing, begins with the rise of digital marketing and carries on through the development of social and mobile, marketing technology and programmatic buying–to today.

Chapter 3

Post-Modern Marketing: Welcome To WOW!

Marketers have always sought the Holy Grail of “wow”: ideas that inspire, excite and challenge the imagination – and that give customers an irresistible predisposition to favor one brand over another.

Chapter 4

Real 1:1 Customer Interactions, At Long Last

The latest advances in digital interaction technologies herald an AI-powered future where marketers create individualized brand experiences for each customer. But is B2B ready to realize the promise of Post-Modern martech?

Chapter 5

It Takes a Brand Village

“Don’t forget that in B2B, we are human beings first and business people a distant second. So, marketers must work to understand more about the emotional human in the customer, not merely the business role.” Derek Stewart, Chief Strategy Officer, Stein IAS

Chapter 6

Post-Modern Creative and Content Experiences

In the Post-Modern Marketing 'Age of Wow!', marketing is experience.
And, as it turns out, experience is marketing.

Chapter 7

Values at the Core — and at the Fore

Only collaborative, high-performance culture imbued with freedom and responsibility will succeed in the Post-Modern era – either be the absolute best or be resigned to mediocrity.

Chapter 8

Digital Marketing Transformation: Post-Modern Marketing’s Endgame

Sometimes, the world changes in ways that obsolete everything that came before. Scientists and mathematicians coined the term “singularity” for change of that magnitude; famously disruptive Silicon Valley adopted it immediately. The only way to prosper in the aftermath of a singularity is to re-imagine everything from the ground up – almost as if the past never existed.

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