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B2B marketers are in a time of technology transition. But as marketers embrace more and more martech, it’s clear that adoption has outpaced adaption.Now the question is: given its rapid ascent, is the importance of martech continuing to rise or starting to level-off?

1. The Rise

It’s no secret that the digital landscape plays a huge role in marketing, but to what extent? In this video, watch as Tom Stein, Chairman and Chief Client Officer of Stein IAS, explains the significance of marketing technology in our modern age.

The percentage of marketing budgets allocated to marketing tech is projected to grow from $13 billion to $25 billion by 2023.

2. The Fall

In this video, Tom Stein delves into exploring the dissonance between marketing technology budgets and the confidence with which marketers use technology effectively. For many Chief Marketing Officers, the ascent of technology has been rapid with a steep learning curve.

Only 15% of marketers think that they’re among the most successful marketers actually using technology effectively…

3. The Rise Again

In this final segment, the discussion of the future of marketing technology is brought into focus. In order to move forward, marketers must move from merely marketing, which is often simply left-brained, but into post-modern marketing – a form that utilizes both left and right brain.

We see a renaissance of bold and intuitive creative ideas and content experiences. By being bold and by being more emotionally rooted, they enable us to paint the modern marketing frameworks with much more vivid brushstrokes.

The rise, fall and rise of martech in B2B

B2B marketing is changing at a breakneck pace and martech is driving that change. But how can marketers harness the potential of technology to get the results they want?

Discover CMOs’ views on the role of martech in B2B and learn how they are preparing for the future.

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