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For nearly 50 years, Stein IAS has created, activated, generated and cultivated the progression of leading global brands.

Original thinking started in 1973, when we (then known as IAS – Industrial Art Services) invented the category of B2B marketing. At the same time, we gave birth to a new approach to brand progression and customer contact. Driven by creativity, data and the quest for client market and customer intelligence, we identified permission-based dialogues as key to our clients’ brand growth.

Today, the theory is the same, but we apply original thinking in a modern, digitally driven world. Markets move and intelligent brands pulse, and we’ve embedded data and intelligence at the core of what we do, to deliver real-time dialogue in a real-time world.


Our values don’t just support our business strategy, they are our business strategy. To achieve our agency purpose requires people with certain behavioral qualities. It starts with our foundational value: Generosity of Spirit. If you have generosity of spirit, you see things from other people’s point of view – it means you want to take responsibility, it makes you naturally collaborative and good at handling high-engagement working relationships.

With that in place, you’ll want to practice Working Smart, which is about empowering others to do what they need to. Learn For Your Life is about our people improving themselves and the agency product, and wanting to coach others. They want to try new things with Considered Courage, in a way that doesn’t jeopardize colleagues or clients. And they want other people to have Fun, and that, as every generous person knows, is when you have fun. We use these values to recruit and manage the brilliant, strong individuals that work with us.

Generosity of Spirit

Work Smart

Learn for Your Life

Considered Courage


Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

E.Q. (or Emotional Quotient) is the capability of people to recognize their own emotions and those of others; discern, use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior; and manage or adjust emotions to achieve their goals.

Established at Stein IAS in 2017, E.Q. is a diverse group of senior leaders from across the organization dedicated to the wellbeing of our teammates as it relates to equality, diversity and inclusion. The goal: ensure we have the processes, practices and policies that make our agency a happy, healthy work environment where everyone feels appropriately valued.

A Real One Agency Model

Some claim to work seamlessly across the globe. But our operations are truly without borders. There are no silos in this culture and work gets trafficked to the best person, not the nearest.

From east to west, we have offices in Shanghai, Paris, London, Manchester, New York and San Francisco, giving our clients an international always-on marketing service that truly works seamlessly.

B2B Original Leaders

Stein IAS is led by a group of passionate, battle-tested B2B marketing and advertising experts, each relentlessly driven to help our clients succeed. Our management team brings deep experience, diverse perspectives and breakthrough thinking to every account we have.

Meet the leadership team

Stein IAS is part of the global agency network MSQ Partners. Learn more >

A carbon-negative business

After months of hard work from a lot of brilliant people around the world, we’re delighted to announce that, as of today, Stein IAS is a carbon-negative business.