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A History of Firsts

There are originals, and there are those that follow. Our history reveals how our culture is based in originality, which leads to success for our clients’ brands today. It is how we've become a top B2B marketing agency, servicing major brands around the world.

The first global B2B brand-to-demand agency

The first agency to win ANA Agency of the Year 6 times in a row

The first agency to write B2B Marketing for Dummies

The first agency to run a 3-day music festival

The first agency to win a Princess Royal Training Award

The first agency to develop a Digital Marketing Transformation framework

The first agency to define and deliver the ‘Emotionally Qualified Lead’

The first agency to develop the Original Growth Model

Since 1975, Lloyd Northover have created some of the world’s best known and most iconic brand designs. Now part of Stein IAS, Lloyd Northover is a leading-edge brand strategy and design consultancy – driven by data, design and demand delivery to create even more original, intelligent, profitable brands.

In 1996 Lloyd Northover purchased the surviving practice of Saul Bass

Meet Other B2B Originals

B2B trades have always been with us within myths, literature and history. But rarely are B2B originals celebrated. We’ve unearthed some inspiring characters, whose B2B stories of originality are worthy of retelling.

Ada Lovelace

got with the program early.

In the 19th century, Ada Lovelace wrote an algorithm that has since been recognised as the first ever computer program. It took a century for the world to understand her genius and apply it. Her perception and insight helped unlock the potential for the biggest engine for growth the world has ever seen. Today, our B2B Originals use insights to unlock the future potential of creative work and go-to-market strategies. And luckily, it won’t take a hundred years to understand it.

Jack Black

rebranded rat catching royally.

Jack Black, the Royal Rat Catcher, was a person of such persuasion, he became one of the most desirable B2B brands in rat-infested London. Jack Black elevated himself with the power of ideas. This self-styled B2B Original became a brand that killed the competition. His clients didn’t have to put up with verminous ideas, snuffling about in the dark, hoping to find a morsel of attention. With the B2B Originals, you don’t have to either.

Zhang Qian

to whom all silk roads lead.

Zhang Qian knew the power of new channels. When he opened the silk road, allowing businesses to trade across the globe, he was the original go-to-market pioneer. Today, the B2B Originals are opening up new trade routes with the most sophisticated go-to-market offer in the world.

Original Thinking at Stein IAS

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