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  • The Background

    1010data is attempting to remove the complexity and speed up the time to insights from Big Data by simplifying things for everyone, from the specialists to the average business user. They offer a cloud-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) ‘platform’ that enables people to manage, analyze and share (between departments and with other organizations) data and develop applications. The comapny was poised for explosive growth – but, the business had grown and outpaced the brand. Its visual identity and voice didn’t represent the dynamism and spirit of the organization or its innovation in market. What 1010data wanted (and needed) was an infusion of energy, color, passion and attitude that manifest its promise and potential.

  • The challenge

    Businesses stand to benefit greatly from the explosion of big data, if they can extract the insight within. But people, process, and technology have not evolved. It’s too costly and time consuming. Insights aren’t forthcoming quickly enough. Non-specialist users are at the mercy of overworked data managers and analysts. Curiosity and innovation are hampered. Collaboration is stymied. Many are attempting to define and address these challenges, which has resulted in a crowded marketplace and lots of jargon. 1010data needed to rise above functional messaging and industry jargon and hyperbole.

  • The solution

    We rebranded 1010data with the promise of “More Power to You.” Leveraging insights form deep qualitative research with customers and harnessing the trend of “the democratization of data,” we showed how 1010data’s platform and services give everyone, from the data specialists to the layperson, the power to drive difference and cause positive change.

    This Big Long Idea showed the more human and emotional side of big data, putting YOU (the customer) at the forefront. The new 1010data brand was vivified through a new logo, brand identity and design system, website, collateral environmental design, launch events and more. The new branding – featuring brightly colored boxes called “power bars” – represented how blocks of data were powering people and business performance. The 1010data brand was fresh, energized, different, bright and vivid – just like the organization itself. 

“The new brand has helped to not only energize our company but also make us more memorable (and inviting) to our prospective customers.”

Jed Alpert,
SVP of Marketing


The results were also unbelievably powerful. Leads increased 23% in just six months since rebrand, and the company doubled its workforce and expanded into Asia. The 1010data website saw a more than 25% increase in visits, time on site increase 29%, and page views increase 45% and bounce rates decrease 61%.

  • 23% increase in leads
  • 25% increase in site visits
  • 2X headcount and expanded markets


  • ANA / BMA B2 Awards
  • BMA-NYC Global ACE Awards

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