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Questionable Choices

The Challenge

Among test takers, there’s a generally unfavorable view of testing. They don’t fully realize the real value of the GRE® scores to their application; or, more importantly now, what they can mean in opening future opportunities. At the same time, in an attempt to diversify their pipeline of students while objectively evaluating readiness for graduate-level work, universities are beginning to make GRE scores optional – which is actually having the opposite effect than intended.

The GRE Program needed to balance winning the fight for students’ attention and trust, while connecting with programs’ goals and not ostracize them.

The Solution

“Questionable Choices” shined a light on those everyday "fails" and questionable choices we can all empathize with and contrast them with one choice we can't question: taking the GRE General Test, or requiring GRE scores as part of a holistic admissions package. Relatable for both audiences, the creative concept has been executed across a fully integrated campaign. Numbering the Questionable Choices gave the campaign longevity, as well as a feeling of a collection of choices to engage with.

From mixing chemicals together just for kicks, to finishing engineering calculations on two hours of sleep, to forgetting to make an admissions formula holistic… the scenarios spanned everyday “fails” for graduate students and programs, aligning the GRE General Test with being an excellent one.

The Results

We’ve been the program’s B2B AOR for nearly 5 years, but this was the first B2C campaign we took on. And, it’s seriously outperformed any in the GRE Program’s history.
Significantly, we leveraged LinkedIn to gain nearly 25K more impressions, achieve over 2X CTR and encourage 2240+ registrations – that’s 2081 more than the previous campaign. Paid search CTR was also elevated from 2.63% to 15.83%!

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