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  • The Background

    Key Technology is a global leader in the design and manufacture of process automation systems including digital food sorters, conveyors and processing equipment. After several years of global research and development, Key was preparing to launch a new digital sorting platform that truly delivered on the market’s need for innovation. Not just another evolution, mind you – a revolution akin to moving from flip-phone to smartphone. 

  • The Challenge

    The launch of this platform represented a major game changer for Key, and it needed to generate significant excitement around its introduction. Stein IAS was charged with developing the positioning/messaging, name, identity and launch campaign – as well as training and sales enablement tools to empower Key’s organization to effectively and rapidly sell the new platform.

  • The Solution

    We demonstrated how Key delivered on raising the innovation bar for sorting technology – proclaiming VERYX as “The New Standard.” We displayed the sorting platform as a high-performance vehicle, like a BMW or Porsche. In short, we intended to make VERYX the sexiest sorter the world had ever seen. The entire feel of the campaign was black, sleek and metallic, a bold departure from competitors’ typical cliché sorting/food visuals.

    We primed the market in advance of the launch with a multichannel teaser campaign – displaying the logo and teasing that “The new standard is coming.” The campaign then launched in full to coincide with one of Key’s most important events, Pack Expo 2015 – launching across print, display and rich media, email, social, video, an immersive microsite and marketing at the trade show itself.

    We also developed a virtual reality experience to give customers and prospect and experience like none they’ve ever had from a sorting technology provider. For the first time, we let customers experience VERYX from the inside out, the same way their food product does.

    The entire effort was supported through the Marketo marketing automation platform and Sizmek digital advertising platform – pulling the thread through from marketing activity to leads generated to sales opportunities created and closed.

“Our industry tends to be very conservative and not highly creative when it comes to marketing. In the trade pubs, the ads are kind of catalog-like — a lot of stainless steel equipment and pictures of food processed in that equipment. We really wanted to step outside the box with this campaign. It really worked well for creating an almost movie-premiere type of engagement with people. The introduction of VERYX was a great success and everyone was thrilled with the launch and the campaign.”

Anita Funk
Marketing Communications Manager


The launch of VERYX was nothing short of transformational for Key Technology. The teaser campaign delivered response rates as high as 2.1% - 300X the industry average. The teaser landing page and microsite immediately delivered sales opportunities. The Pack Expo launch alone generated a record number of leads on day one. For the whole show, our leads were about 25% higher than the average leads this event historically deliver. In just the first two weeks of the launch campaign, we generated 2/3 of the total leads projected for the entire initiative – and then delivered nearly 120% of projected leads in only four months. What’s more, the brand was recognized as a 2016 Corporate Marketer of the Year by the ANA’s Business Marketing Association.

  • 300X industry average digital response
  • 20% of leads generated by VR experience
  • 120% of projected leads generated


  • ANA / BMA B2 Awards
  • BMA-NYC Global ACE Awards
  • B2B Marketing Awards
  • Drum MoMa Awards
  • Drum Marketing Awards
  • DM News Marketing Tech Innovation Awards

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