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  • The Background

    To great fanfare, the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S was unveiled at CES and heralded as a business-focused 2-in-1 that has all the convenience of a tablet and all the productivity-boosting power of a PC. Now, it was time for its grand debut.

  • The Challenge

    The device was the result of many years of collaboration between Samsung and Microsoft, and was a key strategic launch for the company. With the product’s debut in Europe ahead of North America, Samsung needed a campaign to demonstrate its advantages over competitors – and to uniquely align itself with the mindset of business professionals who might not know Samsung’s devices for their utility for the enterprise and SMBs.

  • The Solution

    The memorable, powerful and inevitable strategic/creative solution came right from the product’s name: “Pro.” Branding the Galaxy TabPro S as “Pro Business,” we demonstrated how the device dramatically does more than consumer tablets and other hybrids to help business professionals get more done. It’s Pro Performance. Pro Integration. Pro Collaboration. It’s “for” business professionals – figuratively and literally.


The launch was a great success, with the device earning strong reviews and sales across the board, building to a successful U.S. launch a few months later – and the announcement of the follow-up TabPro S2.


  • BMA-NYC Global ACE Awards

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