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Smart Marketing for Smart Products

Originating and owning a new tech category is a large feat in itself. Convincing a skeptical audience in the process takes the challenge a step further.

The Challenge

How do you sell something to an audience that doesn't know they need it? Trelleborg Marine & Infrastructure (TM&I) had to do just that to change the way port and vessel owners and operators view tech-powered port equipment and make its SmartPort product portfolio the automatic choice for an entire industry.

An industry-first was needed. TM&I needed to invent a new category known as "port automation" and own it. In doing so, TM&I had to engage a large number of prospects by persuading them to embrace port technology. But convincing a skeptical audience would be tough. Especially in B2B, where budgets are tight and animations featuring talking animals are off limits.

The Solution

The solution was to market to prospects without making them feel like they were being marketed to. This was made possible with bold, original messaging about TM&I's smart product portfolio. The content – utilized as part of a PR, content and events strategy – brought to life exactly how this never-before-seen technology improves port operations.

Thought leadership highlighted the effectiveness of harnessing real data through tech-powered products. Building on these insights, as well as the strategic proposition and messaging, the creative concept, Smarter Approach, positioned Trelleborg as a leader of accomplishing difficult maneuvers in a more intelligent way through the use of tech. With our concept, we came up with an experience that would deliver the most value: the SafeTug 360° web experience, which showed the technology from the POV of a ship and its tugboats.

An evolved multi-channel approach made sure this communication, along with all SmartPort solutions, were in the right places at the right time to resonate with TM&I's audience. This bold content approach is unlike anything the marine industry has ever seen before – by a long haul.

The Results

Alone, the 360° web experience was valuable in all the ways Trelleborg needed it to be. 25% of TM&I’s total addressable market engaged with the experience within weeks of launch, with a very low paid media investment. And the overall campaign showed its long-term business value – leading to 70% increase in web traffic, 820% increase in MQLs and $6MM is marketing contributed sales. Winner of over 40 global awards including The Internationalist, Regan’s PR Daily, B2B Marketing, Global ACE, Content Marketing, Global Digital Excellence and best website design by Marketing Week.

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