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Transforming Waste and Attitudes

B2B Originals can uncover the beauty of any business – even that of waste management.

The Challenge

Veolia’s brand perception was similar to any waste management organization: They do a job that needs doing with no original thought or creativity needed. Not so in Veolia’s case. They needed to transform more than recyclable waste. They needed to transform attitudes in the commercial waste management world. Businesses needed to realize that when it comes to waste management, the fate of the world and all its magnificence is literally in their hands.

The Solution

An Italian body-paint artist? Sponsoring Wildlife Photographer of the Year? Not things you would normally link with waste management. Unless you apply some B2B Original thinking. This campaign brought creative art and content together in a way never seen in this industry. It made a tactile and emotional connection between how businesses handle their waste and the natural world we hold so dear. "Transforming Waste and Attitudes" raised the game in waste management. It was a perfect example of fresh creative thinking and B2B business objectives working hand in hand.

The Results

Overall brand awareness grew from 52% to 73%. Local Authority awareness rose from 78% to 84%, with media coverage also increasing by 4%. Business awareness grew from 68% to 94%.

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