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Post-Modern Marketing

Post-Modern Marketing is our view of the industry’s fast-approaching future driven by the breath-taking advancement of digital technology – but driven equally by a necessary reclamation of marketing’s roots which lie at the core of human emotion. Explore these resources for our sweeping perspective of the shape of things to come.

Post-Modern Marketing: The Book

"Paradox: Feeling Machines and the Rise of Post-Modern Marketing" tells the story of marketing’s transformation – from pre-modern to modern to postmodern – from interrupt-driven advertising and mass media to the emotional, psychological, technological and scientific truths at the center of all future customer interaction. Read the book now, from The Drum, Stein IAS and others at the forefront of this dynamic new era.   

  • Introduction

    Post-Modern Marketing will bring a much-needed rebalancing of marketing science and human emotion, on the back of new technologies that can help researchers and creatives alike find, touch, and engage human emotions as well as or better than modern marketing technology can count impressions.

  • Chapter 1 - The Pre Modern Era

    To understand the forces that shape our discipline and the re-emergence of emotional engagement that characterizes Post-Modern Marketing, read this unique take on the origins of advertising and its symbiosis with buying behavior.

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