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Your Original
Growth Challenge

Data Engine





O3 Planning system

Your brand is the sum of your contact, and needs managing from brand to demand. As a top global B2B marketing agency, Stein IAS weaves data, intelligence and disruptive technology with big, bold ideas that drive brand progression and revenue growth.

How we deliver growth

The Original Growth Model

Originating growth for clients has always been our purpose. The Original Growth Model is making it happen across a spectrum of industries. If being a growth leader aligns to your B2B marketing ambition, dive deeper to find out how we could elevate your brand.

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The Real-time Data Engine

Our leading B2B data and intelligence engine sits at the heart of our process, providing robust insights in 20% of the time of traditional methodologies.

Look under the hood

O3Planning system

The Original Growth Model is powered by our leading B2B marketing services: Original Insights, Original Inventions and Original Interactions. Led by real-time data intelligence, strategic positioning fires up creative communications to be delivered by the world’s smartest go-to-market technology.

Original Insights

The Original Insights team explores customers’ needs, both rationally and emotionally. The collaborative process pinpoints the current brand perception of you and your competitors. Then, together, we create a clear strategy to connect your brand to your customers.

Original Inventions

Original Inventions is the only creative model crafted for B2B brands and buyers. It starts with an original big long idea. This segment-agnostic creative idea covers your entire offering and works across all mediums and touchpoints along the buyer journey – to deliver OMG with ROI.

Original Interactions

Original Interactions is the most advanced go-to-market offer in the world. The team uses data and automation to develop contact strategies that power targeted, connected, relevant, personalized, real-time, and joined-up experiences – from brand to demand.

Our award-winning work