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Targeted, connected, relevant, personalized, real-time, joined-up experiences powered by data and automation.

About Original Interactions

Category-leading B2B companies take a digital-first approach, and that is what Original Interactions activates. We build Original Growth Models for our clients to enable them to achieve the highest levels of targeting, reach, awareness and impact, and to drive the biggest engagement with their brand. And, it enables us to measure, adapt and optimize the program to increase campaign performance.

The agency helps clients identify active channel opportunities for a digital-first world. Passive channel selections may create noise with a mass audience, but to build true category leadership for the brand that will ultimately lead to increase demand, a whole new mindset is required.

What we do

Brand & Demand GTM Architecture

Campaign Planning & Execution

Go-to-Market Frameworks

POEM Planning & Activation

CX Orchestration

Data Strategy, Research & Analytics

Measurement & Reporting

Transformation Strategy

Marketing Technology

Our People

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