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B2B ideas need to be big to engage and encompass the whole offering, but also long to connect the experience from awareness to purchase.

About Original Inventions

Brand activation works best when there is an identifiable story to tell at each point of contact. We call this identifiable story the Big Long Idea: Big enough to encompass the full offering and Long enough to inspire content initiatives along the duration of the buyer timeline.

We know that emotional value transitions to rational. As a leading B2B creative agency, we apply this thinking to the content and experiences we deploy at different points of the buyer journey. Building on brand strategy discoveries, we help clients find the golden thread that connects their master brand content with demand generation.

What we do

Big Long Idea Development

Brand Identity & Design

Content Strategy

Content Marketing

Customer Experience Strategy (CX)

Digital Experience Development

Digital Brand Design Systems

Motion & Video Production

Earned Media & PR Amplification


MADE studios is the world’s first in-house B2B production studio and digital content lab. Comprising two full video, photography and sound recording studios, Stein IAS can produce creative content from real-time social media content and 3D illustration to documentary films, podcasts and immersive digital experiences.

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