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Our real-time data engine brings us closer to the truth of what your customers truly think, feel and want.

Our leading B2B data and intelligence engine sits at the heart of our O3 planning system and provides the intelligence and marketing insights that drive our integrated strategies.

Our analysts make real-time intelligence a disruptive asset to give your brand the competitive advantage: Enabling you to know more about your market, brand perception, competitors, trends, themes and intent signals – defining strategy and accelerating growth. Real-time, AI-driven performance allows us to identify more robust insights in 20% of the time of traditional methodologies.

What’s a Real-time Data Engine?


Dedicated data and market intelligence team


Utilizing the most advanced data-gathering platform in B2B

Single Source

A single source of intelligence at the heart of our offering


Connects strategy to creative to GTM


Provides ongoing updates and validation

How we do it

Analyst expertise applying latest technology, powered by AI

Accessing global data sources

Applying data analysis to identify trends and patterns

Achieving real-time recency and returns

What it identifies

Customer Sentiment

Brand Awareness & Equity


Cultural Trends & Influences

Competitor Analysis

Competitive SOV

Opinion Leaders & Key Media

Trending Content Themes

How We Can Build an Original Growth Model for You

The Original Growth Model is powered by Original Insights, Original Inventions and Original Interactions. Led by real-time data intelligence, strategic positioning fires up creative communications to be delivered by the world’s smartest go-to-market technology.

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