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About 6sense

6sense is a leading orchestration platform, ranked number one by Forrester and Gartner. Its Revenue AI is the only sales and marketing platform to unlock the ability to create, manage and convert high-quality pipeline to revenue.

Our strategic partnership

Stein IAS is a 6sense global strategic partner at the highest teal level. It is our preferred platform of choice for powering our GTM strategies that combine creative, messaging, content, and media to deliver full-funnel buyer journeys and experiences from brand to demand.

Our clients benefit from an integrated team, that combines strategic GTM skills with data-driven, certified 6sense experts, and the agency’s proprietary BDX operating model, which outlines the key principles and strategies for successful brand-to-demand integration and full-funnel experiences.

Why 6sense selected Stein IAS as a teal strategic partner

Hear from Elliot Smith, Head of Partnerships at 6sense

6sense tells you…


When accounts are ‘in market’
If it’s a good account for you


Who is on the buying team
Who to contact next


How to contact them
What they care about


What to say
And even say it for you!

Support the whole marketing team function


Create better performing web and digital experiences using intent, account, and segment-based personalization.

Improve advertising performance with messaging tailored to every segment and account.

Generate more opportunities by running demand generation programs targeting in-market accounts.


Create more qualified meetings and opportunities by identifying and prioritizing outbound prospecting efforts.

Increase deal velocity and win rates with predictive insights into the buyer journey and what they really care about.

Improve renewal and expansion by using account insights to deliver better customer experiences and uncover chum threats.

Revenue operations

Improve accuracy and actionability of data with data appending, sourcing, and identity resolution.

Prioritize inbound leads for BRDs with predictive scoring that eliminates arbitrary point-based models.

Increase revenue by creating plans and sales territories based on complete TAM and ICP data.

Brand to Demand Funnel Orchestration:

One data strategy based on the ICP that leverages 1st party and 3rd party signals that predict intent

Build funnel stage data segments that can be pushed across media and digital channels

Create seamless experiences across all channels reflective of buyer journey stage

Track account funnel progression to measure the impact of campaigns

6sense Platform Features

The value we bring to 6sense

6sense services

Strategy & planning

Audience Insight
GTM strategy
Campaign strategy
Creative & Content strategy
Media strategy

Production & activation

Content development
Creative production
Campaign set-up
Marketing & sales integration

Management & optimization

Data strategy & intent
Campaign operations
Campaign optimization / health checks
Media management
Measuring & reporting
Tech stack

Are you looking to build unified brand to demand experiences (BDX) with creative standout across your funnel?