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  • The Background

    With the launch of Bravecto, Merck Animal Health has introduced the first innovation in flea and tick protection for dogs and cats in more than a decade. Prescription-only Bravecto extends protection from 4 weeks to 12 weeks! Bravecto represents a bold change in flea and tick treatment.

  • The Challenge

    We knew our brand strategy and brand imagery needed to be equally bold to shift behaviors among veterinary professionals and pet owners – especially in a crowded marketplace where over-the-counter brands dominate. Vets and pet owners didn’t understand the full and true value of extended protection. Not to mention, parasites aren’t something people like to think or talk about. So we created a brand, campaigns and experiences that communicate not only that Bravecto extends protection on a clinical level, but demonstrates the human impact. Bravecto has the power to bring vets, pet owners and pets closer together.

  • The Solution

    Our “Expect The Extraordinary” campaign tells Bravecto’s brand story of unexpected moments of affection. Bravecto offers every owner and vet a way to give extraordinary care to dogs. Unlike competitive brands and campaigns – which typically show mundane photographs of pets and cliché outdoor activities – our campaign and its unique imagery brought to life the moments that Bravecto uniquely enables. And we featured characters and scenarios not typically depicted – including punk rockers, bikers, hipsters and a same-sex couple.

    While evolving Merck from a functional to an emotional message, we also helped transform their marketing to be digital-first and content-centric. At the same time, we’ve transitioned from a pure B2B approach to speak more broadly to consumers and influencers. While we continued to produce top-notch printed and in-clinic materials, we also produced digital tools and experiences, vet and consumer apps, social media campaigns, even a tablet game for cats! All to demonstrate the extraordinary power of Bravecto.


Bravecto is now available in more than 60 countries worldwide and expanding – and driving the growth of the entire flea and tick protection category. The impact of our partnership has been massive and immediate: Bravecto shot to #1 in Europe for cat flea and tick protection and has helped power the Bravecto brand to gain huge share and claim #3 status in the global ecto-paracide market. On the back of this launch, Bravecto is on a clear path to building a billion-dollar business 2-3 years ahead of plan. What’s more, the brand was recognized as a 2016 Corporate Marketer of the Year by the ANA’s Business Marketing Association.

  • 60+ markets
  • 14m+ pets protected
  • #1 brand in Europe, South Africa and Brazil


  • ANA/BMA B2 Awards
  • BMA-NYC Global ACE Awards
  • Vetty Awards

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