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  • The Background

    Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), the largest U.S. options exchange and creator of listed options. After 5 years of continued growth, the CBOE brand found itself at an inflection point. CBOE’s new product roadmap and the sophistication these offerings bring would solidify CBOE as the only exchange where “higher order” trading takes place. However, there was also a market perception that all exchanges are somewhat interchangeable – making it more essential than ever to differentiate CBOE.

  • The Challenge

    Our ongoing research indicated that the sensibilities of the market had evolved. Investor confidence was stronger, as economic headwinds continued to recede. Given the positive attributes associated with CBOE, we recognized an opportunity to forge a deeper emotional connection with investors and traders to drive broader consideration and usage of its index options products.

  • The Solution

    With investing in options and futures, there is pride. There is strength. There is creativity. There is art and, some might say, beauty as well. And, an expertly designed strategy precisely executed yields outcomes both measurable and intangible for the investor and his or her portfolio. All of which is why we positioned CBOE as the exchange that empowers outcomes for every investor.

    Our “Powerful Outcomes” campaign captured the performance-driven passion of investors and tied the powerful outcomes they are after to the like-minded purpose of CBOE and its products. The campaign imagery showed emboldened, empowered investors seeing their strategies and opportunities before them. The messaging took the form of artfully written manifestos dedicated to the powerful outcomes customers are after – harnessing volatility, generating income, gaining efficiency and simplicity. The campaign included print, display and rich media advertising, video, outdoor, social, mobile, content marketing, email and satellite radio.


With Powerful Outcomes, we culminated a 6-year transformation process with CBOE with our most successful campaign. In sum, we repositioned what was a declining brand for massive growth, evolving them from a traditional to a digital/content-centric, data-driven marketing organization, helping expand them into Europe and Asia, and driving record trading and shareholder value, year over year over year. As a testament to this transformation, CBOE was honored as B2B Corporate Marketer of The Year by the ANA’s Business Marketing Association in 2015.

  • 200X industry average digital response
  • 61% YOY improvement in paid search
  • Up to 63% increase in YOY trading volume


  • BMA-NYC Global ACE Awards
  • ANA/BMA B2 Awards
  • FCS Portfolio Awards
  • Chief Marketer MARC Awards

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