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  • The Background

    Food can be incredibly difficult to market considering it’s all about the sensory experience. Words and pictures can only tell so much. They can’t convey the smell, touch and sound of food. They can’t impart the feeling of love and disgust we feel, or the highly personal relationship we have with food. So, when Ingredion wanted a campaign about the sensory experience, the big conundrum was how to take a humble ingredient like starch, and create engaging and inspirational content experiences.

  • The Challenge

    The challenge was to shift the attitude of producers from using flavor as a USP, to tailoring products based on the preferred eating style in a territory or targeting people most likely to enjoy that product. Ingredion also aimed to drive new sales, all in a single six month campaign.

  • The Solution

    Inspired by seminal work from The Understanding & Insight Group published in 2001, the Ingredion team used the eating style approach to examine consumer preferences of key product types. This formed new ideas about why people buy foods with particular sensory characteristics.

    Success was enabled by starting with a ‘pre-awareness’ initiative promoting the very idea of multi-sensory food enjoyment through the educational and entertaining ‘Ultimate Crisp Experience’ video. This was followed by a carefully designed sequence of content which validated the concept and introduced messaging around Ingredion’s offering before selling their solutions.

    The campaign was orchestrated using Ingredion’s cutting edge tech-stack which integrates Eloqua marketing automation, Adobe Experience Manager and the The hottest leads, people in target job roles who had consumed multiple pieces of content, were automatically fed by Eloqua into the CRM system to be followed up by sales.


The 2017 Ingredion ‘You Are How You Eat’ campaign generated ROI far in excess of its target and any reasonable norms. The project demonstrated a highly-efficient synergy between engaging content, an automated digital marketing platform and fresh insights into the needs of the target audience’s target audience. The use of these elements individually is noteworthy but getting them to work together is the result of long-term strategy and loads of hard work and dedication.

  • Content Marketing Awards
  • Northern Marketing Awards
  • Prolific North Marketing Awards
  • BMA-NYC Global ACE Awards
  • ANA/BMA B2 Awards

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