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You Are How You Eat

Sometimes, promoting a revolutionary new way of thinking about ingredients just takes a simple shift in perspective.

The Challenge

The eating experience is something often reduced to merely taste alone. The food industry has traditionally been dominated by flavor-centric attitudes, and messaging surrounding product formulation is largely uniform. Finding itself surrounded by creative stagnation, Ingredion was eager to take a different approach: tailoring products based on the preferred "eating-style" of people in a certain region or market segment.

The Solution

"You Are How You Eat" came to life as a slight play on a common idiom, working to highlight an often overlooked fact: how we eat can be equally as important as what we eat. Positioning the story from this unique insight was a first for the ingredient solutions market and by using high-quality, innovative content, we were able to create a universal emotional connection between how consumers experience food and the ingredients that sustain those experiences.

Leveraging the full power of the Eloqua marketing automation platform, we were able to turn that interest into real demand. The campaign is a perfect case study of being able to monitor web activity while recognizing and categorizing individual prospects to ensure the hottest leads are nurtured without any wasted effort.


The 2017 Ingredion "You Are How You Eat" campaign identified over 1,400 prospects, and generated a measured sales pipeline delivering an ROI of over 20:1.

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