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A Refreshing Opportunity

By connecting with Tetra Pak's audience on an emotional level, we delivered a planet-positive impact in original B2B style.

The Challenge

Plastic bottled water is a global challenge. It is ironic that our love for pure, clean water is polluting the world’s pure, clean waters. To combat this, Tetra Pak needed to launch a new consumable water container in a saturated market that is heavily reliant on plastic bottle manufacturers. In doing so, Tetra Pak's marketing had to deliver their innovation and sustainability credentials, to support their customers who want to disassociate themselves with any negative connotations around the use of plastic bottles.

The Solution

Taking steps to save the planet is an emotional subject. So, we looked to connect with Tetra Pak's customers on an emotional level – one that would resonate with them and the world's consumers alike. "Refreshing Opportunities" combined storytelling with bold imagery to bring to life the release of negative pressure brands experience when switching to Tetra Pak Water in Carton. The launch campaign made a splash by smart targeting brands that offered plastic bottled water as part of their service. This multi-channel campaign made clear the opportunities for Tetra Pak's customers: being able to deliver a planet-positive impact, and giving their brand image a sustainable "refresh."

The Results

Despite many audience segments being seriously affected by the pandemic, MQLs are exceeding pre-pandemic targets as well as industry and client norms. On average, the campaign delivers 20 MQLs per month (27% above target), and SAL conversion rates are trending at 35%+, far exceeding industry waterfall norms.

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